Is a Pirate Crew who took over a small hidden Beach on the beautifull Island Koh Lipe in Thailand.





Mia LunA is organizer for Moonparties on Koh Lipe

(Fullmoon, Halfmoon, Blackmoon)

Besides, Moonparties they are organizing Electronic Underground Parties at there Beach, every week.




Bar & Food


Mia LunA Bar is open every day from... till...

Homemade thaifood from Chanachat Thangthai is available






They are also offering acomidations for backpackers,

who like to join the Pirate Lifestyle, love to party

and dont worry about sleeping in a tent or an hangmatt directly at the Beach.




Open Air Cinema & Food


Once a week they show a Movie at the Pirate Beach and serve an individual dinner meneu matching to the movie (with or without meat)




Pirate Stuff


The Crew created a small selection of handmade shirts, dresses and goodies.

Every piece is unique and produced in a very small limited edition.





mialuna-bar (at)